Forklift Trucks Norfolk

CESAB S300 versatility

  • Available with or without driver platform
  • A range of platforms: flip-up or stay down versions, standard and coldstore platforms
  • A choice of guard rails to suit each platform: folding side guards, full fixed side guards*, fixed backrest*
  • Fixed support arms, elevating support arms and straddle support arms available for different application requirements
  • CESAB Drive Control system delivers smooth control and uses significantly fewer components for enhanced reliability
  • CESAB Traction Control system automatically provides optimal drive wheel grip to suit load weight
  • Built to high quality standards using the TPS
  • Fewer parts mean increased reliability
  • Exceptional durability even in heavy duty operations

The CESAB S300 range brings heavy duty performance to the CESAB range of powered stacker trucks. Delivering lift heights of up to 5.4 m, a lifting capacity of up to 2000 kg and a maximum speed of up to 8 km/h, the CESAB S300 range is perfectly at home in the most demanding stacking and heavy duty pallet handling operations. So when the job demands more from your materials handling equipment, the CESAB S300 range delivers.
The CESAB S300 range is designed for high intensity operation in both ride-on and pedestrian applications. A choice of options mean more of the high performance your business demands. A choice of straddle or elevating support arms allows you to tailor the performance of the truck to the unique demands of your business. Adjustable width straddle
support arms (CESAB S314S) allow for easy handling of closed pallets and other load carriers, while elevating support arms (CESAB S313L, S316L, S320L) are available for handling on ramps or on uneven surfaces.

Forklift Trucks Norfolk

Forklifts Norfolk CESAB Forklift Trucks
Forklifts Norfolk CESAB Forklift Trucks
Forklifts Norfolk CESAB Forklift Trucks