Forklift Trucks Norfolk

CESAB ergonomics

  • Tiller arm designed for optimum manoeuvrability, visibility and safety
  • Ambidextrous handle puts all controls within easy reach
  • Easy to view screen allows quick and easy programming as well as displaying battery status
  • PIN code start-up lets you programme performance to individual operators
  • Compact design offers exceptional manoeuvrability.Compact design offers exceptional manoeuvrability.
  • Excellent ergonomics for operators of all sizes
  • Engineered for greater reliability
  • Masts designed for excellent visibility both through and to the sides of the masts

When it comes to the needs of walkie operations, the CESAB S200 powered stacker range means business. With its
compact design that includes a rounded chassis and centrally mounted tiller arm, the CESAB S200 range delivers excellent manoeuvrability for truly effortless pallet handling.
From retail to wholesale, manufacturing to distribution, the CESAB S200 range offers a flexible solution for all walkie applications along with the option of a flip-up platform and unique tiller arm if your business requires.
longer travel distances. The CESAB S200 range is available in 0.8 – 1.4 tonne capacities (and up to 2.0 tonne double stacking capacity) allowing you to tailor your choice of truck to the demands of your business. Choose between a selection of straddle support arms, available in different widths (CESAB S212S), or elevating support
arms, for use on uneven surfaces (CESAB S208L, S212L and S214L), as well as a truck designed for double stacking (CESAB S220D). In addition, a full range of masts provide stacker heights of up to 4755 mm to offer even greater flexibility in meeting your business’ specific needs. Built using the renowned TPS*, the CESAB S200 range also offers uncompromising reliability for excellent uptime. So not only is day-to-day pallet handling effortless,
planning and running your business take a lot less effort too.

Forklift Trucks Norfolk

Forklifts Norfolk CESAB Forklift Trucks
Forklifts Norfolk CESAB Forklift Trucks
Forklifts Norfolk CESAB Forklift Trucks