• Compact design and low height body of CESAB P300 provide excellent all round visibility and manoeuvrability.
  • The CESAB P300 delivers travel speeds up to 10 km/h and is designed for high levels of productivity and heavy duty applications.
  • Automatic reduction of speed and acceleration when cornering as standard.
  • The standard Creep Speed feature allows low speed manoeuvring with the tiller in an upright position.

As standard the CESAB P300s have automatic speed reduction when cornering, and this in combination with the power steering option helps to prevent strain injuries by providing excellent ergonomics and to increase workplace productivity. Each operator protection variant includes a tiller arm length which is optimised superior manoeuvrability. Adjustable height of the tiller arm’s pivot point by the simple push of a button allows tailored
settings for operators of different heights. Reduces vibrations in the handle when operating on an uneven surface, providing improved ergonomics and higher comfort. Quick and responsive steering at low speed, easy and steady at high speed for high safety and productivity.

CESAB Forklift Trucks Norfolk

Forklift sales Norfolk CESAB P300
Forklift sales Norfolk CESAB P300
Forklift sales Norfolk CESAB P300